Click here for weekly calendar with detailed times listed. We are currently following the fall schedule:

Friday Night Services Mincha (afternoon service), Kabbalat Shabbat (welcoming the Sabbath), followed by Maariv (evening service) At candle lighting time
Saturday Services Shacharit (morning service) 9:00 AM followed by Kiddush
  Mincha (afternoon service) 10 minutes before candle lighting time from Friday night
  Maariv (evening service) and Havdalah (marking the end of Sabbath) follows Mincha and seudat shlishit (“third” meal)
Sunday Shacharit (morning service) 8:30 AM
  Mincha (afternoon service) & Maariv (evening service) At candle lighting time from previous Friday
Mon-Fri Shacharit (morning service) 6:30 AM (6:20AM on Rosh Chodesh – new month)