The Roslyn Synagogue has a tradition of participating in the education of the next generation of modern orthodox rabbis. The Roslyn Synagogue and Rabbi Block annually host a rabbinical intern. The rabbinical intern, at regular intervals, provides sermons and educational activities to the Roslyn Synagogue congregation, while getting real life rabbinical experience.


Noah Whittenburg is originally from Portland, ME. He now lives in Teaneck, NJ, with his wife Yaffa. They got married in December 2016. Noah is in his third year at RIETS in Yeshiva University. Prior to joining RIETS he attended Rutgers University where he got his BA in Communication. Noah also works for Yachad. He is the Assistant Program Director for the Senior Division of New York Yachad. As well he is the Program Director of the Vocational Program at Moshava Ba’ir New Jersey. Noah and Yaffa are excited to be joining the Roslyn Synagogue for the rest of the year!