For inquiries about sponsoring kiddush, please use the contact form below.  To see available dates, please view the calendar.


NOTE:Special last-minute Shabbat sponsorship package ($360 total cost):
We will periodically advertise this opportunity in the Shabbat email for the current week’s kiddush. This package is available to the first member to request it. All food and soft drinks for a last-minute sponsored kiddush are ordered by the Roslyn Synagogue and typical Shabbat menu includes cholent, salads, mezonot, and soft drinks. Member’s name will be announced during Shabbat services, if desired. 
Special last-minute sponsorship for a Yom Tov kiddush will reflect the cost of additional foods included in kiddush. 
Sukkot: $540
Shavuot: $450
Pesach: $360 or $180, depending on what is served

Please email: kiddush@ for more information or to reserve the last-minute sponsorship package.