The Roslyn Synagogue, a member of the Orthodox Union, is a friendly and welcoming synagogue in Roslyn Heights, Long Island. Jews of all levels of observance are welcome. The Roslyn Synagogue opened in 1976 and has been led since its inception by Rabbi Robert (Hillel) Block. Roslyn Synagogue has a 10-square mile eruv that surrounds a major part of the Greater Roslyn area.

Services at The Roslyn Synagogue follow modern orthodox and Ashkenazi customs. However, Sephardic customs are acknowledged and prayer books (siddurim) of many languages are available.  Every Shabbat after morning services, the kiddush serves as an opportunity for congregants to eat, socialize and enjoy a l’chaim. In the tradition of Abraham and Sarah, the Roslyn Synagogue welcomes all visitors and guests.

The Roslyn Synagogue is a child-friendly congregation. Junior Congregation and Minyan Katan services are available. Teenagers, and even pre-bar-mitzvah youths, often lead parts of the service. Toddlers enjoy being in synagogue and receiving a lollypop from the Rabbi.

The warm atmosphere of The Roslyn Synagogue reflects the philosophy that the viability of our congregation, and of American Judaism, is dependent on the enjoyment of observance by current and future generations.